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Monday to Friday  800——1800, national holidays and semester breaks excluded.



Seats rules for leisure area


1.Leisure area seats can be reserved with campus ID[1] on the kiosk in front of the Information Commons (digital reading room). The reservation should be activated within 30mins at the kiosk or it will be discarded.

2.If you need to leave the room temporarily, using“Short Leave” function at the kiosk can inform the system to keep your seat for up to 30mins (1hr if leaving between 10:30 to 12:30). Be aware that if reactivation was not made within time limit, it will be recorded as a violation of rules and the seat will be released by the system automatically.

3. Make sure to push“Release Seat” on the kiosk and follow the instructions on the screen before leaving, or a violation of rules will be added to your record.

4 Reader can change their reservation if necessary (new reservation could only be made after old reservation has been discarded). One account is allow to make up to 3 reservations within 15mins.

5. When there is an argument on seats, please double check seat assignment at the kiosk first.

6.Readers who reached 3 violations of rules (check Rule 2. and Rule 3.)will be moved to blacklist temporarily (7 days),banned from making reservations on the kiosk. Violation count will only reset at the time being removed from blacklist.


Rules for Seminar Room

     Reader can reserve  seminar room via” Reservation System for Seminar Room of Libraryand unlock the door with campus ID during his/her section.

1. List of Rooms

There are 6 seminar rooms in the Information Commons. Room1-2 can hold up to 16 people while room 3-6 can hold up to 8. Each room has a minimal number of people requirement, 9 for room 1-2 and 4 for other rooms.


2. Range of Use

Seminar room is supposed to serve for academic uses (exclude self-study), otheractivities are not allowed.


3.“Seminar Room Reservation System” can be accessed on library website under “Seminar room”with campus ID as both username and password. Scanning the QR code on the info screens at each seminar room will also lead to the reservation page.


4. After completing the reservation form, applicant will be asked to grant door access to attendant. Number of attendant should meet the minimum requirement of desired seminar room (9 for room 1-2, 4 for room3-6). Attention, do not surpass seminar room capacities ( 16 for room 1-2, 8 for room3-6 ).


5. Seminar rooms requires a minimum number on checked-in person activate the session.(9 for room 1-2, 4 for room3-6) Once activated, all person with door access can open the door.


6. Please keep the room clean and ordered. Make sure all devices are powered off properly before leaving.

Reservation Rule

1. Reader can make the reservation of the free seminar room in 2 days. The use time is within the scope of half an hour to 2 hours. Applicant can only make one active reservation at a time (being a member of other reservation does not count), subsequent reservation has be made after a cool down period of 24 hours.

2. If the seminar is postponed or canceled, please apply changes to the reservation as soon as possible.

3. Reservations will be automatically canceled if no action is made within 30 minutes after the beginning of session time, and will be recorded as a violation of rules by the main reserve.

4. Each semester, every third violation of rules will revoke one's right to make reservations for30 days.


5. Failing to activate the reserved session will be considered as one violation of rules for everyone who has been granted door access.


Seating Rule for seats with PCs in The Multimedia Area


Multimedia area seats can be reserved at the kiosk in front of Information Commons (digital reading room) by pressing “Multimedia Area”at the main screen. Login with campus ID number once reserved. Each person will have no more than 2 hour session time per day. There will be an notification 10 minutes before time limit, and the system will lock up automatically if one used up all his/her session time.