Library Rules & Regulations


To improve the quality of our work and provide better service, the following regulations are fixed based on “Library Regulations for General Institutions of Higher Education”.

  1. Valid ID is required to access reading rooms. (SUES members can use Campus ID or temporary Library ID, others need to fill the “Visitor from Library Cooperative Network” form)
  2. Casual dress code applies.
  3. Maintain appropriate personal hygiene.
  4. Be polite and keep voices down.
  5. No smoking. (Including electronic cigarettes)
  6. Use of naked fire is prohibited for safety concerns.
  7. Do not damage or deface Library properties.
  8. Foods and drinks are not allowed in reading rooms. (Except water)
    Visitors who violate above rules&regulations might be asked to leave and may lose their Library privileges.

Library staff reserves the right to inspect bags.

The Library reserves the right of final interpretation of this document.

Last Revised 06/30/2014