Rules for Seat Administration system of library


To better serve readers and to avail the readers of public resources in the library fairly, the Seat Administration System will be put into effect from this date. Seats inside the library shall be booked and selected in advance via library Wechat Account “My going to the library”. Working staff of the library will check the appointment situation regularly. Please go inform each other of this rule.

1.Search Wechat account of “我去图书馆”(My going to the library ).

2.Complete registration.

3.Book the seat online.

4.Arrive at the library to scan the code and get seated.


1.Instant seat selection: the opening of the library is 08:00 and the opening of the system is 6:5522:00.

2.(Before the opening of library), seat selection is within the time of 06:5522:00 and the seat will be observed until 08:30 and be confirmed with code scanning.

3.(After the opening of library), seat selection is within the time of 06:5522:00 and the seat will be observed for 30 minutes after your reservation and be confirmed with code scanning.

4.Temporary leave: 3 kinds of temporary leave as followed

Temporary leave(30 minutes)lunch temporary leave(60 minutes) dinner temporary leave(60 minutes). The meals status only can choose at specific time period(10:3012:30, 16:3018:30);

Temporary leave shall not be reported and monitored by other readers when they use monitoring function. And after the temporary leave, the system will automatically default to returning back for the user.

Release the seat:before reader left the library, he or she shall click “release the seat” to give up the occupied seat.

5.Monitoring of holding seat:If one vacant seat (with books or not) is occupied at the Seat Reservation System, reader is able to use the function of monitoring of holding seat to report. It is required to provide an instant photo as evidence. The seat holder will receive one reminder message to notify him to scan code and sign in within 30 minutes. Otherwise, this reader will be recorded one time of violation for his or her leaving the library without releasing the seat. This seat will automatically be passed over to the reporter (or directly released).

It is advised to follow the monitoring rules, otherwise, reader who has exercised the monitoring function with malicious purpose will be blacklisted.

6.It allows reader to cancel the seat selection and will not allow this reader to choose the seat again within 1 minute. Reader who’ve made the reservation and didn’t check in accordingly will be recorded as one time of violation.

7.If the reader was reported by other reader for occupying the seat without presence and failed to check in within 30 minutes, he will be recorded as one time of violation.

8.If there is 3 times of violation, system will automatically list him in the black list which shall provoke his right of seat selection in the system for the next 7 days.

9.Abiding by the rules and accumulated study time shall be awarded with incentives which can be exchanged for the trophy and reasonable privilege services.

10.Right to use of the seat is subject to the system.