Circulation Rules


    Article 1 This library is operated under the integrated management mode of collectingloaning and reading the documentation materials( hereinafter referred to as books).Apart from samplesprecious literaturescurrent issue and journalsall of the other books is open for loaning and reading.

    Article 2  Loaning and reading the books in the library, readers shall use their own campus card or the temporary campus card which had activated the function of loaning and reading in the library (hereinafter referred to as library card). Reader’s library card cannot be lent to other people. Any of embezzlement theftcounterfeit or alteration of the campus card and the library card is not allowed.


   Article 3  Reader who has lost their card shall report card loss to the Network Management Center and the library immediately.

   Article 4  Number of borrowed books: it allows each teaching and administrative staff and graduate student of this university to borrow 15 books in total; it allows each undergraduate and junior college student to borrow 8 books in total.


   Article 5  Time limit of loaning books:   it allows student to borrow each book for a month (30 days) and renew a book for another month(30 days) when it’s due. It allows teacher to borrow each book for 3 months (90 days)and renew a book for another month(30 days) when it’s due. The renewal of the book loaning can only work once.

   Article 6  In the process of borrowing and returning books, reader shall carefully confirm the loaning information on the computer screen.


   Article 7  Reader shall return the borrowed books on schedule time.

   Article 8  Lost book shall be claimed and searched in the library without delay. If the reader fails to find the lost book, he or she shall compensate the books as per the “Regulations for Violation of Library Rules”.

   Article 9   All the relevant formalities shall be went through before printing and copying the documentation material and the borrowed materials shall be return the same day.


   Article 10  Before the reader finished leaving the school formalities, they should return all the borrowed  books to the library.


  Article 11   It is forbidden to bring out the documentation material without required loaning formalities.


  Article 12   Library reserves all rights in the changing and explanation of above rules.

  Article 13   This rule shall be put into effect as of 30th June, 2014.