Operation Rule for Seat Selection System (Trial)


Operation Rule for Seat Selection System (Trial) are as follows:

Seat SelectionTemporary AwaySeat ReleaseMonitoring Function

         1.  Seat Selection:  Library opens at 8:00. The system of library opens from 1 hour before the opening of

library to the closing of library. Making the seat reservation at 7:008:00(before the opening of library), reader shall arrive at the library before 8:30 to scan the code and sign in for the seat which will be retained until 30 minutes after the opening of library. If the reader select the seat between 8:0021:30(after the opening of library), he or she shall arrive at the library within 30 minutes after seat reservation to scan the code and sign in .

       2. Temporary Away: There is 2 situations for temporary away: Regular Temporary Away(30 minutes)Specific Temporary Away10:3012:3016:3018:30retains(60 minutes). Retained seat will not be released by anyone and after the retaining time, system will recover to the seated state (retaining time duration can be checked in wechat)

       3. Seat Release: If the reader will not return back to the library and no longer needs the seat, he or she needs to click “Seat Release” to vacate the seat. Otherwise, this reader will be automatically recorded one time of violation.

       4. Monitoring of holding seat:  If one vacant seat is occupied at the Seat Reservation System, reader is able to use the function of monitoring of holding seat to report. The seat holder will receive one reminder message to notify him to scan code and sign in within 30 minutes. Otherwise, this reader will be recorded one time of violation for his or her leaving the library without releasing the seat. This seat will automatically be passed over to the reporter (or directly released).

II  ViolationBlack list and Incentives

      1. It allows reader to cancel the seat selection and will not allow this reader to choose the seat again within 1 minute. Any of the following situation comes up, system will automatically record one time of violation: reader fails to sign in within 30 minutes after his or her seat selection and doesn’t canceling the seat voluntarily; reader is reported by other readers with monitoring function and fails to sign in within 30 minutes; reader leaves the library without releasing the seat.

2. If there is 3 times of violation in total within 60 days, system will automatically list him in the black list which shall provoke his right of seat selection in the system for the next 7 days. Reader who uses the monitoring function against the rules (e.g. False picture)binds other reader’s student ID or borrows his or her student ID for someone else for binding will be listed into black list immediately and is not allowed to choose the seat the next 30 days after verification.

      3. Abiding by the rules and accumulated study time shall be awarded with incentives which can be exchanged for the trophy and reasonable privilege services.

      4. Right to use of the seat is subject to the system.