Library Entrance Rules


To further strengthen the management of library and to fully play the role of library, Library entrance rules is stipulated in line with Library Regulations for General Institutions of Higher Education to provide better service for the students and teachers under the current situation of school.

Article 1   Reader shall enter the library with valid documentation(campus cardtemporary library card). After the authentication of the reader machine, readers can enter the reading room for reading and loaning books.

Article 2  To enter the reading room for reading and loaning books, Off-campus reader shall fill out theRegistration Form of Cooperation Network Reader by holding valid personal identification. It is effective on the day of issue only.

Article 3  Reader shall stay well-groom and behave civilized in the library. Readers shall maintain the public order and shall not forcibly occupy the seats in reading room.

Article 4  Pay attention to fire safety. Reader shall not bring the inflammables, explosion-prone objects to the library. Open fire and smoking is forbidden in the library.

Article 5  Readers shall take care of public facilities and the documentation materials in the library. Do not stainengravepaintcut and switch the documentation materials belonged to the library.

Article 6  Keep quiet in the library. Loud noises and discussion are not allowed. Do not make the phone call inside the reading room.

Article 7  Maintain the tidiness and cleanness of library. Readers shall not bring the foods and beverages into the reading room.

Article 8  Readers shall enter and exit the reading room through the monitoring entry route. If the monitor alarm goes off, reader shall actively accept the inspection.

Article 9   Public computer is only for the purpose of bibliographic retrieval servicesborrowing information and renewal & reservation of borrowing documentation materials. It shall not be appropriated for other purposes.

Article 10  Readers must abide by all the related rules in the library. Readers shall respect the working staff of the library and obey their management.

Article 11  Anyone breaching above rules shall be dealt with according to Regulation of Deeds in Violation of the Rules of Library.

Article 12   Library reserves all rights in the changing and explanation of above rules.

Article 13This rule shall be put into effect as of 30th June, 2014.