Information Commons

Monday to Friday  800——1800, except for the national statutory holidays and winter and summer vocation  



Seats rules for leisure area


Article 1    By using their own campus card, readers shall enter the selection of “Leisure Area Seat “at the touch screen of all-in-one machine in front of Information Commons (digital reading room) to book the seat. Within 30 minutes, reader shall punch their own campus card to confirm the seat after they book the seat online. Otherwise, the booked seat will be invalid automatically.


Article 2    Using the campus card, reader can choose the selection of “temporary away” to reserve the seat for 30 minutes.  During the time of 10301230, seat can be reserved for 1 hour. Confirm the seat at the all-in-one machine within the due time, the seat will be restored automatically. 


Article 3    Before leaving the reading room, reader shall punch their campus card to select “seat release” on the touch screen for waiving the seat.

Article 4   Reader can choose their seat again if he or she likes. Reader can only choose the seat for 3 times in the time of 15 minutes.

Article 5   Any dispute on the seat, please check the access record on the all-in-one machine.

Article 6   With 3 times of violation, system will automatically blacklist this reader and it will not allow this reader to choose the seat on the system the next 7 days. Violations are as follows: reader leaves the seat without punching the card or reader doesn't return back to the seat and punch the card on the schedule time.


Rules for Seminar Room

     Reader can apply for seminar room via” Reservation System for Seminar Room of Library”. After the reservation, reader shall enter the seminar room by punching campus card as per the schedule time.

1. open Area

There is 6 seminar rooms in the Information Commons in which seminar room1-2 can accommodate 9-16 people and seminar room3-6 can accommodate 4-8 people.


2. Range of Use

Seminar Room is only available for the academic seminareducation training and other relevant purposes. Self-studyentertainment and commercial activities is not within the use scope.


3. Reader shall visit the online page of “Reservation System for Seminar Room of Library” at the library website to make the reservation of seminar room. (Account and password both are the campus card number.) Reader who doesn’t make the reservation in advance shall scan the QR code on the PAD next to the door of seminar room and shall choose a vacant and adequate seminar room to fill out the reservation form with valid information.


4. After filling out the reservation form, the applicant shall add personnel who is able to punch the campus card (seating capacity of Seminar Room 1 and Seminar Room 2 is 16 personnel which includes at least booking person; other seminar room’s seating capacity is over 4 person.  


5. For Seminar Room 1 and Seminar Room 2, within the time of appointment, there shall be at least 9 persons to punch the card while the rest seminar rooms 4 persons at least to use the room.


6. After use of seminar room, please voluntarily restore the layout of the seminar room and check the equipment to make sure it is well performed before turning off the machine.

Reservation Rule

1. Reader can make the reservation of the free seminar room in 2 days. The use time is within the scope of half an hour to 2 hours.


2. Every main applicant only can make the reservation of 1 seminar room each time. After one reservation, this applicant can only make another reservation after 24 hours.

3. If reader need to cancel or reschedule the seminar meeting, he or she shall log in the reservation system for the seminar room in advance to amend or cancel for other readers’ convenience.

4. If the reader didn’t punch the card after 30 minutes of the reservation time, the reservation system will automatically cancel the reservation and record it as one violation.

5. If there is 3 times of violation within one semester, the system will suspend this reader’s reservation permit for the next 30 days.


6. It the attendant who punch the campus card fails to reach the minimum of the above required personnel number, the applicant who make the reservation will be mark one violation.


Seating Rule for The Computer in The Multimedia Area

     By using their own campus card, readers shall enter the selection of “Multimedia Area Seat “at the touch screen of all-in-one machine in front of Information Commons (digital reading room) to book the seat. After punching the campus card, readers shall log in their booked computer with student ID of their own. One computer is only available for one person and it only can be occupied less than 2 hours for each reader. The timing for the finish time will begin 10 minutes in advance, and will automatically lock the computer system when time is up.