Yiming Mi



Gender:                 Male

Professional Title: Professor
Research area:     Research and Application of Films and other Functional Materials 
Contact address : No. 333, Rd. Long Teng, Songjiang University Town, Shanghai ,Library and Information Center for Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Post code:            201620
Tel:                       021-67791300

Mail:                     yimingmi@sues.edu.cn 


       Born in January 1961, Prof. Mi received Ph.D. degree in Tokyo University and further pursued post doctorate in Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering (RACE) of Tokyo University. He received bachelor and master degree in physics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. As member of American Physical Society and member of Chinese Physical Society, Prof. Mi is the council member of Shanghai Heat Treatment Association and Shanghai Society

for Scientific and Technical Information as well. Prof. Mi is also the assessment expert for scientific and technological achievement of Ministry of Science and Technology, evaluation expert for Academic degrees& Graduate of Ministry of Educationevaluation expert of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and member of Eastern China Area Working Committee of Physics for Ministry of Education’s Institution of Higher Education. entitled as Professoracademic leader and Master’s Tutor, Prof. Mi successfully held the post of Vice Dean of School of Fundamental StudiesDean of School of Material EngineeringDean of School of Fundamental StudiesHead of Graduate Student Department. He was also the committee member of the 11th 12th and 13th meeting of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Shanghai. Currently, Prof. Mi is the library director of Shanghai University of Engineering Science.

      Prof. Mi mainly studied various physics process and physical mechanism of low-dimensional quantum confined system and its interaction with external field, he also studied the intrinsic correlations among the microscopic structures, components and macroscopic physical properties of materials. Through the simulation and prediction of material’s performance numbers, he has designed a new type of synthetic material with unique structure and performance which has provided theoretical and design basis for the development and application of material with outstanding performance. Prof.Mi has published over 90 theses  in authorized academic periodicals both in and abroad, among which are included in SCI. He has obtained 3 invention patents authorizations and has been awarded 3 Scientific Research Achievements of Shanghai and 1 Teaching Achievement of Shanghai.

  In recent years, Prof. Mi has lectured the undergraduate and graduate students on core courses included “College Physics”、“Material Physics and Material Design””Statistical Physics Concepts” ”Introduction of Solid-state Physics””Semi-conductor Physics””Solid-state Physics”, and etc.